Twenty-Two Amazing Tools for Crypto and DeFi Investments

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Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) have become popular investment options in recent years. However, to navigate this complex market successfully, it is important to have the right tools that can help you make smart decisions. Luckily, there are several amazing tools available that can make investing in crypto and DeFi easier. Listed in this article are some amazing crypto investment tools to help you get the most out of the world of crypto and DeFi investment.

Why Use Crypto and DeFi Investment Tools?

Crypto and DeFi investment tools are becoming more popular and must-haves for people looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. Here are some key reasons why you should consider using these tools:

Easy Access

Crypto and DeFi investment tools make it easy for anyone to invest in digital assets. They have simple interfaces that let you buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrencies using your computer or phone. You don’t need to be a tech expert to use these tools and start investing.

More Investment Options

With crypto and DeFi investment tools, you have lots of choices. You can invest in different cryptocurrencies and take part in activities like yield farming and liquidity provision. These tools give you the chance to diversify your investments and try out different strategies to fit your goals and how much risk you’re comfortable with.

Market Information

These tools provide helpful information about the crypto market. You can see real-time prices, charts, and other details about different cryptocurrencies. This helps you stay informed about what’s happening in the market, track how your investments are doing, and make smarter investment choices.

Automation and Optimization

Many crypto and DeFi investment tools offer features that automate tasks and help you make the most of your investments. They use special algorithms and smart contracts to automatically make trades, balance your portfolio, and find ways to maximize your returns. This saves you time, reduces mistakes, and could make your investments more profitable.

Amazing Tools for Crypto and DeFi Investments


CoinMarketCap is a tool that provides real-time information on thousands of cryptocurrencies. It shows you the value, price changes, and trading volumes of different coins. With CoinMarketCap, you can track how well different coins are doing and make informed investment choices. It also offers educational resources and news updates to keep you informed about the latest developments in the crypto world.


Uniswap is a platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies directly from your wallet. You don’t need a middleman to make these trades. It’s especially popular among DeFi enthusiasts because it provides a secure and efficient way to participate in decentralized trading.


MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension that makes it easy to interact with decentralized applications. It lets you manage your digital assets, connect with DeFi platforms, and keep your private keys safe. MetaMask simplifies the process of using cryptocurrencies, making it a valuable tool for both new and experienced investors.


DeBank is a tool that provides insights into your DeFi investments. It gives you a dashboard where you can see how much your investments are worth, keep track of your liquidity positions, and get detailed analytics of your DeFi activities. DeBank supports various protocols and networks, so you can get a complete picture of your DeFi investments across different platforms.

Crypto Tax Tools (e.g., CoinTracker, Koinly)

As the crypto market matures, it’s important to be aware of tax obligations. Crypto tax tools like CoinTracker and Koinly make it easy to track and calculate your cryptocurrency gains and losses. These tools connect with popular exchanges and wallets, automatically importing your transactions and generating accurate tax reports. With real-time market prices, tax optimization suggestions, and support for different jurisdictions, these tools help you meet your tax requirements effectively.


Aave is a platform where you can lend your cryptocurrency and earn interest or borrow assets by using your crypto as collateral. It’s like lending money to others or borrowing when you need it but in the world of crypto. Aave is easy to use and lets you earn passive income or access funds without selling your crypto.


Ledger is a device that keeps your cryptocurrencies safe. It’s like a special wallet that stores your private keys offline, protecting them from hackers. With a Ledger, you can have peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are secure and not at risk of being stolen.


TradingView is a tool that helps you analyze cryptocurrency prices and make informed investment decisions. It provides real-time market data and charts, allowing you to see how prices have changed over time. TradingView also lets you use technical analysis tools to understand market trends and collaborate with other traders.


Zapper is a tool that helps you manage your DeFi investments in one place. It lets you connect your wallets and see an overview of your investments. With Zapper, you can easily track how much your investments are worth, where your money is allocated, and even earn rewards by staking or farming tokens.


CoinGecko is a website that provides information about different cryptocurrencies. It shows you the prices, trading volumes, and other important details. CoinGecko also gives you a trust score and other metrics to help you understand the credibility and safety of different projects. It’s a useful tool to research and learn about cryptocurrencies before making investment decisions.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is like a safe place on your phone where you can keep your cryptocurrencies. It’s easy to use and allows you to send, receive, and store your digital coins securely. With Trust Wallet, you have control over your money and can access it whenever you need it.

Yield Farming Calculator

A Yield Farming Calculator helps you figure out how much money you can make from participating in yield farming. It considers things like how much you can earn, the rewards you get, and the fees you have to pay. By using the calculator, you can get an estimate of the profits you might earn from different yield farming opportunities.


CoinTracking is a tool that helps you keep track of your cryptocurrency investments and figure out how much money you made. It’s like a personal organizer for your crypto. CoinTracking also helps you generate reports for your taxes, so you can accurately report your crypto earnings.

Crypto News Aggregator

A Crypto News Aggregator is a website or app that collects news and updates about cryptocurrencies from different sources. It’s like a news hub where you can stay up-to-date with the latest information and trends in the crypto world. By using a news aggregator, you can make better investment decisions based on current news.


TokenSets is a platform that lets you invest in portfolios of cryptocurrencies that are automatically managed by smart contracts. It’s like having an investment manager for your crypto. TokenSets takes care of rebalancing your investments based on market conditions, so you don’t have to worry about it.

MyEtherWallet (MEW)

MyEtherWallet, or MEW for short, is a website that allows you to store and manage digital tokens, particularly those based on the Ethereum blockchain. It gives you control over your private keys and makes it easy to access your digital assets. MEW also lets you interact with decentralized apps and participate in token sales.

DEX Aggregators (e.g., 1inch, Matcha)

DEX Aggregators are tools that help you find the best prices and trading options across different decentralized exchanges (DEXs). They scan multiple DEXs and networks to find the most favorable rates for your trades. Platforms like 1inch and Matcha simplify token swapping by bringing together liquidity from various DEXs in one place.

DeFi Pulse

DeFi Pulse is a website that tracks the total value of money locked in DeFi projects. It gives you an overview of the most popular and widely used DeFi platforms, allowing you to see how the DeFi ecosystem is growing. DeFi Pulse also provides insights into individual project metrics and trends in the DeFi space.

Crypto Trading Bots (e.g., Bitsgap, 3Commas)

Crypto Trading Bots are software programs that automatically execute trades for you based on specific strategies. They use algorithms and automation to take advantage of market opportunities and manage your crypto portfolio. Platforms like Bitsgap and 3Commas offer easy-to-use interfaces and features like backtesting, portfolio management, and trading signals.


Blockfolio is a mobile app that helps you track the performance of your crypto investments in real-time. It supports many cryptocurrencies and exchanges, allowing you to see the value of your portfolio, view price charts, and set alerts. Blockfolio also provides news updates and a community feature for discussing market trends.

Yearn Finance

Yearn Finance is a platform that helps you make the most of your investments. It automatically moves your money between different DeFi platforms to earn you more returns. Yearn Finance takes care of the complicated parts of investing, so you can sit back and watch your money grow.


A balancer is a tool that lets you create and manage your own investment pools. It allows you to choose different cryptocurrencies and decide how much money you want to put into each one. Balancer helps you diversify your investments and potentially earn money from trading fees.



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