Sixteen Must-Have VS Code Extensions For Web Developers

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As technology trends change and web development continues to evolve, having the right tools at your disposal becomes essential for staying productive and efficient as a web developer. One such tool that has gained huge popularity among web developers is Visual Studio Code (VS Code). With its lightweight and customizable nature, VS Code provides a versatile environment for coding.

However, what sets it apart are the several extensions that can easily be incorporated with it, which make the coding experience better. In this article, we will look at eighteen essential VS Code extensions for web developers. These extensions cover a wide range of tasks, such as compiling code in real-time, finding and fixing errors, formatting your code neatly, and checking for mistakes.

Why VS Code Extensions?

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a popular code editor that can be a game changer for code developers, however, it can be made even better with extensions. These extensions are like extra tools that you can add to VS Code to make it do more things and fit your needs. Here are a few reasons why VS Code extensions are useful:

More Features

Extensions give you new things that VS Code doesn’t have by itself. They can add stuff like a live server to quickly see your website, a debugger to find and fix problems in your code, or a linter to help you write better code.

Customize Your Editor

Extensions let you make VS Code look and work the way you want. You can change the colors, add new shortcuts, and make the editor feel comfortable and look nice to you.

Get Things Done Faster

Extensions can help you be more productive by automating repetitive tasks and giving you shortcuts. They can format your code, give you snippets of common code, and make it easier to write code without mistakes.

Support for Different Languages and Frameworks

VS Code extensions work with many programming languages and frameworks. If you are writing JavaScript, Python, HTML/CSS, or using frameworks like React or Angular, there are extensions that help you write code faster and with fewer errors.

Must-Have VS Code Extensions For You

Live Sass Compiler

The Live Sass Compiler extension helps you turn your Sass code into CSS instantly. It can recognize any changes you make to your Sass files and automatically update the matching CSS files, so you don’t have to compile them manually.

JavaScript Debugger

The JavaScript Debugger lets you debug your JavaScript code directly in the Chrome browser. It makes debugging easier by letting you set breakpoints, go through the code step by step, check variable values, and perform other useful debugging tasks.


If you are using C# for backend development or Unity game development, the C# extension is a must-have. It offers vital tools for editing code, debugging, and IntelliSense. With this extension, you can write and debug C# code conveniently within the VS Code environment, eliminating the need to switch to other tools.


ESLint is a widely used JavaScript linter that assists in maintaining code quality and following best practices. The ESLint extension seamlessly integrates ESLint into VS Code, providing real-time assistance while you write code. It identifies coding errors and provides suggestions for improvement, ensuring that your code adheres to high standards.

Better Comments

Commenting is an important part of programming, and without it, understanding your own or others’ code will be difficult. Better Comments is a useful tool that makes your code easier to read by adding color-coded annotations to your comments. It offers different styles for comments, such as alerts, explanations, and TODOs, which are visually noticeable. This helps you understand your code better and find important information or tasks within your comments more easily. With Better Comments, your coding experience becomes more organized and efficient.


Quokka is a tool that helps developers work more efficiently. It provides instant feedback and shows the results of running your JavaScript code right in your editor. With Quokka, you can quickly test and try out code snippets and see the results as you type. This helps you make changes and improve your code faster, making your development process smoother and more productive.


Polacode is an amazing tool that allows you to generate eye-catching screenshots of your code snippets. It captures your code, complete with syntax highlighting and customizable background. This makes it ideal for sharing code on social media, in documentation, or on blog posts. Polacode enables you to showcase your code in a visually appealing and professional way, making it more engaging and visually pleasing to others.

Path Intellisense

Path Intellisense is a valuable tool that enhances your coding experience by offering intelligent autocompletion for file paths. It significantly saves you time and effort by suggesting file and folder names as you type. With Path Intellisense, you no longer need to remember or manually navigate through your project structure to find the correct file path. This feature streamlines your workflow and eliminates potential errors when referencing files or directories.

JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets

This extension provides a collection of ready-to-use code snippets for JavaScript, including the latest ES6 features. It helps you save time by giving you pre-written code templates for common programming tasks. With this extension, you can quickly insert these snippets into your project instead of writing them from scratch. It simplifies your coding process, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your project.

Git Lens

Git Lens is an incredible extension that enhances your Git integration within the VS Code. It offers a range of powerful features that turbocharge your Git workflow. With Git Lens, you can view inline Git annotations and blame annotations directly in your code, making it easier to track changes and understand who made them. Additionally, you can access recent commit details and navigate through the commit history without leaving the editor. This extension greatly improves your efficiency and productivity when working with Git in VS Code.

Web Dev

The Web Dev extension is an all-in-one toolkit designed specifically for web developers. It offers a wide range of features to enhance your web development experience. These include HTML snippets for quickly inserting common code patterns, CSS linting to identify and fix coding errors, CSS auto-prefixing to add browser-specific prefixes automatically, and a color picker for easily selecting colors. This extension also provides helpful tools and shortcuts that simplify your web development workflow, making it more efficient and productive.


Prettier is a useful code formatter that helps you keep your code style consistent across your project. When you add the Prettier extension to VS Code, it becomes easy to format your code with just one command or even automatically when you save. Prettier supports many programming languages, and you can customize the formatting options to suit your preferences. By using Prettier, you can ensure that your code looks clean and organized, making it easier to read and work with. It also promotes better collaboration among team members, as everyone follows the same code style guidelines.

REST Client

The REST Client extension in VS Code lets you send requests to web servers and see the responses directly in the editor. It supports different HTTP methods (like GET, POST, etc.), request headers, and request bodies. This extension proves to be highly useful for testing APIs and troubleshooting network-related problems. With the REST Client extension, you can conveniently interact with APIs and examine their responses, making it easier to debug and develop web applications.

Live Share

Live Share is an extension that helps you collaborate with others while coding. It allows you to share your work environment with teammates or clients in real time This makes it easier to work together on code, review each other’s work, and solve problems together. With Live Share, you can have multiple people working on the same code at the same time, no matter where they are. It promotes teamwork and makes coding together more efficient and convenient.

Markdown All in One

Markdown All in One is a useful extension for working with Markdown files in the VS Code. It makes writing and editing Markdown content easier by providing shortcuts, highlighting important elements, and helping you format tables. It also includes a preview feature that lets you see how your Markdown will look when it’s displayed. With Markdown All in One, you can create and edit Markdown files more conveniently and with less effort.

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