Position Yourself as an Expert: Top 5 Hacks to Try

Peace Adekoya
3 min readAug 24, 2021

Before anything else, understand that being an expert means having extensive knowledge of a particular line of work or study. Before claiming to be an expert or wanting to be seen as one, you have to be up to the task and you need a considerable amount of knowledge in that area of focus.

Now that you have decided on that, you need to ask yourself these big and important questions, is your area of expertise valuable? Do people need your services?

Fine, you are good at it; you have a great passion for what you do, but do people need you? If yes, then the next question is how to position yourself as an expert in your field of work.

There are several ways to go about positioning oneself as an expert, but here are five things you can do to position yourself as an expert in your field/area of work.

1. Create Social Proof

Social media makes opportunities available for businesses and also makes room for interaction with possible/potential clients and colleagues.

Some effective social media sites for social interactions are :




The most important of them all is LINKEDIN. LinkedIn is a very effective site for business networking for business professionals, and entrepreneurs as it helps showcase your expertise and achievements.

You can manage, build, and engage your professional network through LinkedIn.

2. Promote Your Brand

You can promote your brand by commenting on blogs and social media posts. Answer questions relating to your field, and offer your professional insights, as this will make people familiar with your business. While you are at it, be sure to promote your brand by:

  • Using your brand name for all your social media accounts.
  • Using your brand colors for your website/blog
  • Making your professional logo your profile picture.
  • If you have a website or blog, provide links to them.

3. Put a Price On It

Create services that people can actually pay for and have a price standard. Experts and professionals don’t charge below their standard price. Services you can offer for people to pay include:

  • Coaching/training
  • Consulting
  • Workshop, etc.

4. Customer Testimony

Customer testimonials are recommendations from clients you’ve worked with who are satisfied with your work. Add customer testimonials to your portfolio and social media profiles as this is proof of work and this will attract more potential clients to you.

5. Connect and Be Partners With Other Experts

Build your network around other experts, do collaborations with them, feature and be a part of their professional platform and let them do the same, be partners, friends or just colleagues as this will help you a lot in building expertise and also they could help you when you need professional advice and recommendation when you need one.


The best way to get noticed as an expert in your field is to publicize your work and let people know you are good at what you do. Let your work and client testimonials speak for you while you build your online and offline presence.

Thanks for reading.



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